Urtz’s Evergreens LLC offers…

  • Landscape Evergreens
  • Potted and B&B
  • Shade and Flowering Trees
  • Christmas Trees
  • Custom Digging Service

Quantity discounts are available!  Call us or click here for our latest prices and selections!

Terms & Payment:

  • All prices are F.O.B. at our plantations.  Twenty-five percent, 25%, required as down payment at time of order, unless an account has been established.
  • All payments due at loading, unless previously approved.
  • A 2.0% service charge will be processed on all overdue accounts.

Due to many conditions beyond our control (such as delays in pickup, poor handling in transit, improper care before and during planting, and neglect or damage after planting), "we cannot guarantee survival of plant material".  We will do our best at the nursery to ensure that plants are in the best condition for survival.  Any claims must be made within 7 days of delivery.

Shipping & Deliveries:
Arrangements can be made through local truckers.  Please contact us if you need a quote.


  • NYS Christmas Tree Assoc.
  • National Christmas Tree Assoc.
  • American Assoc. of Nurserymen
  • NYS Farm Bureau

Inspected By:
NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets

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